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If there's one thing Dublin is good for, it's a night on the tiles. After arriving at the luxurious apartments that were to be our home for the next few days, we went straight out to sample the local brew. It was a late start as the flight had been delayed but this doesn't stop the determined. After a few pubs, the group had begun flaking. Except for Steroid and Hero that was. So they went and found a great drinking hole by themselves and carried on drinking till 4am like true warriors. We can't remember the name of the drinking hole, but it became known as 'The Cellar Bar' due to part of it actually being underground in what looked like a cellar, complete with candles and a dodgy make-shift bar. The atmosphere was a traditional Irish one, everyone drinking and having fun in the grottiest but yet most pleasant of drinking places, superb! And in here we spotted some celebrities from Lord of The Rings... see the pics! Being the last two back gave us an opportunity to play a few jokes on the others, such as hurling huge plants up onto Eggergizer's balcony, posting stink-bomb coated Clubflat cards under the doors and expertly sneaking into their apartment unheard and spraying 'fart spray' into their rooms. The video taken of two pissed up people playing these pranks is legendry, especially when a leathered Hero attempted to lob the plant up on the balcony, lost his balance and ended up chucking it into the patio window of the apartment underneath with himself following! For the aftermath pic, see "Out 'n About"! The next night was an absolute blast with everyone hooked on Guinness by now. Starting off in a typical Irish bar with a band playing, we then moved onto the Brazens Head. This is a quality bar with an outdoor themed courtyard, music, some flames, the lot. There's something about Dublin we can't quite figure as we've certainly never drunk so many straight pints in a row and still carried on walking - and bottles aren't an option for the Irish! The night was ended down the Temple Bar area with a drink in Temple Bar itself and then a club. Best of all you don't pay to get in the clubs or bars! England, learn something.

Picís containing Clubflat cards on this page: 6


Steroid was actually hoping for room 44DD

Hero's drinking partner was blind drunk

Moments later Lucy worked her way through the lot of it

Steroid would take a dump in the funniest of positions

Steroid puts Clubflat on ice

What two pints of Guinness does to you

The troll emerged from under the bridge

Having just been told off by the missus again, Biff-Edge begins to cry

Wolverand look-a-like spotted in the Brazens Head!

The Guinness was starting to hit

Laura was a real-life advert for Colgate toothpaste


Absolutely, stunningly beautiful and wearing no bra.

Katy wasn't bad either.

You're not smiling as much as the person taking the photo...

Someone had just guffed

The man from the picture behind spookily emerged

Clubflat, doing their bit to reinforce smoking

First Hero spots Pippin from Lord Of The Rings serving in 'The Cellar Bar'...

...Then he spots his hobbit friend Merry drinking in 'The Cellar Bar'!