WOLVERAND (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2001)


Real Name: Andy B


Position: Clubflat Gaming Manager



The first time you meet Wolverand, if he thinks you’re worth your salt as a man he’ll say to you “I’m gonna take you down the back of my garden, just you, me and the gloves”. Not that Wolverand’s a boxer or anything, he just like’s testing peoples mettle by virtue of a roughing up. This is Wolverand being friendly, this means he likes you and respects that you may be a worthy opponent. However one look at this guy and not many people take up the offer. Over 6ft 2in tall with a menacing goatie, general unshaven looks and a mop that can only be described as “big hair”,  Wolverand’s natural “I’m a rough nut step outta my way” looks would send many a pikey running for their Irish mothers. It is these hairy, unshaven, big mop-head looks that earned Wolverand his nickname, as the similarities to the X-Men character ‘Wolverine are undeniable. Like Wolverine, Wolverand is a also a smoker. But not just any smoker, no he is a man of the reefer and a dedicated one at that. No-one yet that we know of has been able to take him down when it comes to pleasuring one’s self with the Holy Leaf. Wolverand was even seen biffing one up at 8.30am outside McDonalds where Clubflat were meeting up for a days paintballing. As we looked on in disbelief, wondering how on earth he was going to run around all day shooting a gun and dodging paintballs, Wolverand’s reply, looking lovingly at his dube was “A few pulls on that and you won’t feel a thing when it hits ya!”. Then he proceeded to be probably the best gunner in the Clubflat Paintball Team, taking out the enemy and storming into barracks single-handed like Mad Max. Wolverand is a fighter, a real warrior, he loves competition and all-out war as long as it involves blood and danger. But not being able to get enough of the real thing, he has taken his thirst to the virtual world. Yep, Wolverand is a heavy Internet gamer. You can often find him engrossed in some army team battle or another, until he champions just about every team in Europe and then moves on to the next fighting game release. This guy has no pain barrier, if he gets hurt he simply does not care. Luckily for Clubflat he’s one of us. Wolverine you pussy, move over, make room for Clubflat’s Wolverand!


Wolverand Says: "Come round for a sesh".


Claim to Fame: "My 'special' cakes can knock out an elephant".


Other Aliases:

Andy B - Andy is never referred to as just 'Andy'. He is always called 'Andy B', a statement emphasising there is no other 'Andy' quite like him. Nickname founded at birth.

George Michael - At one stage of his mammoth hair growth, he was likened to George Michael for his hair, twin earrings and goatie. Nickname founded in 2000.

Rizla+. - Do we really need to tell you why he's called this one? Nickname founded in 2001.