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The last evening called for a slap up meal and after being turned away from no less than 5 restaurants simply because they couldn't fit in 14 people, we hit the jackpot with Thunderbirds Rock Cafe. What a superb place this is. Not only was it big, well themed and full of games for the boys but they also had their very own table magicians. Hard Rock, eat your heart out. Shortly after sitting down, a gypsy looking bloke with an extremely weird foreign gypsy type voice comes over and hands Stef a wacky balloon hat he created. Then he sits himself at the end of the table and starts with the magic. Papilon was his name and boy was this guy funny. So it didn't take long before he and Hero were at a war of words with Hero asking him if he really lived in a caravan and Papilon responding with something like "yes, me and your mother are quite happy there". Aside from his hilarious humour, this guy sure could do his magic. We've seen table magicians before and they're ok, but for a guy sat 2 inches away from you making rings disappear and cards do all sorts of crazy things without anyone knowing how he did it was simply the work of a true professional. The skills of this guy were confirmed when in front of 14 pairs of watching eyes, he held out his hand and produced Biff-Edge's watch without anyone, even Biff-Edge knowing he had swiped it off his wrist. We even captured this on video and you still can't see how he does it. Absolutely amazing. Papilon, we salute you, you gave us a great end to a fantastic holiday!

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The Clubflat card's in there somewhere...

Papilon mesmerises the table

Eggergizer recharges himself

The real "Daniel-Son"

Lucy was feeling horn-y

Katy got the thumbs up from us too

Lucy tells Hero he's got a hair out of place

The Clubflat modelling jobs yours

The Birthday hat

Hero has that look in his eyes... see opposite for what he was thinking

...Enough said

Papilon turned the Ace of Spades into a Clubflat card!

Good as he was, Papilon was outdone by the magic of Clubflat

Just as his Mommy likes to dress him

Camper than a row of tents

That innocent look doesn't fool anyone...

Thunderbirds Rock Cafe - heaven for men

More pie than even Desperate Dan could handle