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The only way to solve the age-old struggle between what man and woman each want to do, which is of course a conflict between drinking and shopping, is to go out n' about where there are pubs and shops. However we must point out that several of the women, including Lucy and Rachael were more of a man than Eggergizer as they wanted to drink the day away while Eggergizer wanted to find his next set of curling tongs. Shame on you. Well, be it man or woman, if you're up for an all day drinking session you're alright by us. And if there's one thing the Irish do all day on a Sunday, it's drink! No matter how 'back-street' a pub looked, it was always full of Irish people. These folk sure know how to saviour their sacred Sunday's as much as Clubflat sure know how to dish out Clubflat cards!

Picís containing Clubflat cards on this page: 8


Lucy's disco dancing career was taking off


Steroid surveys last nights plant attack

(read "Nights out")

Roll the mouse over the head...


Steroid's hand shadow trick needed more work

Biff-Edge had found a home from home

Clubflat cards in the mirror are closer than they appear

A boat of dwarves chugs down the river


Wonder if they serve beer in here?


The river drained of water when Guinness

was in full production

Clubflat find the Dublin Binmen! Faliraki lives!

Imagine the size of the vodka to go with that!

Nice tits! For a statue...

The most chuffed tramp in the whole world

Kate fulfilled her Clubflat role admirably

Katy refused to miss an episode of Eastenders

Claire and Dan had 'his 'n hers' cardi's

Matt wanted to bite off Eggergizer's cheese

Eggergizer's 'fly in Lucy's soup' joke had just hit home

Steroid's blow-fish impression was getting better