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The purpose of this mission was to celebrate the 21st Birthday of Eggergizer’s missus Stef. It just so happened that Stef’s Birthday coincides with Hero’s, so what better excuse for a double piss-up celebration, all in the name of Clubflat. Along for the ride were some of Stef’s mates and other friends of friends and so on, including, gulp… all the missus’. None of Stef’s mates really knew about Clubflat, that was until Hero broke out 160 Clubflat cards or so and dished them out like charity clothes bags! On this jaunt were Dan, Claire, Kate, Matt, Amy, Laura, Stef, Rachael, Lucy and the Clubflat Quadsome, Biff-Edge, Eggergizer, Steroid and Hero. But that wasn’t all, Stef had brought along a little treat for the boys… Katy! After Hero picked Steroid back up off the floor and put his tongue back in his mouth, it was time to check-in. This is where Steroid and Rachael found out you can’t share suitcases with Ryanair based on the combined weight, even if it’s under the separate total. Pathetic. Luckily Steroid only takes a few needles and an old pair of underpants away with him, so once they’d been offloaded we were still good to go. An hours delay on the flight meant an hours extra drinking in the airport sauna. Given the price of a pint, you’d have thought they could afford some air-con, jeez. After scrambling to find a seat on the budget airline, the cards were out. The Clubflat camera nearly got confiscated on the plane by the jobsworth air steward batty boy for taking photo’s but we got away with it. I’m sure he would have confiscated it if he’d have realised what was on the front of his trolley though! Victory sucka!

Pic’s containing Clubflat cards on this page: 12


Hero was prepped and ready

Clubflat hitched a cheap lift to the airport on an OAP ring 'n ride bus

The future's bright. The futures orange.

Katy's face glowed with the searing heat of Clubflat's presence

Clubflat cards came in useful for cooling oneself

Hero magically pulls a Clubflat card from out of Lucy's boob

Biff-Edge, winner of "The Clubflat Cheesy Grin" awards

A truck load of food had just arrived

Sneaky Dan had cunningly dropped down one side of Claire's top

The airport sauna was asking to be Clubflatted

The thought of how many beers Clubflat wanted terrifies the barmaid

Success, she poured each one to perfection

Clubflat were always on top of things

The only flake we could find

Steroids luggage got smaller each year

Clubflat chartered their very own fighter jet to take them to Dublin The high punani airline.

In your face, trolley dolly

The Dublin airport attendants' uniform was surprisingly casual