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An all lads holiday in Zante meant some of the finest members of the Clubflat Team needed to be assembled to do this jolly some justice. In a place where there is more skirt than round the floors of your house, more bare legs than in a centipede farm, more pie than at Mr Kipling’s and more tits than in a looney asylum, something special was needed. In a land where music is played from dusk till dawn, England World Cup matches were shown with horns and drums played louder than the Football Supporters Club had ever dreamed of and vodka is poured like it’s going out of fashion, a megatastic mix of the Clubflat Team were called to the stage. Five members who would boldy go where no man had gone before. Five members who could drink, party, get naked and most off all, show Zante what Clubflat is all about in a way that would never be forgotten. Five members who had to step up for one hell of a mission… THE WHAAALLE-TAAAIIILLL MISSION!!! As the Clubflat card says, if you’ve had your photo taken, you WILL be on here. So look out for your pic, you could actually be on several of the pages within the ‘Clubflat in Zante’ section or you could simply be on just one of the pages, such as the Whale-Tail Mission, Leg Of The Holiday or even the Whales and Minger’s page!

Lastly, if we’ve got your name wrong or you simply want to tell us your name to add to your picture on here, send an email to with your name and the page/picture you’re on! Now scroll down and let the fun begin...



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