Saturday 22nd of January 2005 saw a surprise Birthday party take place for Steroid's 25th Birthday. The venue was Halesowen Harriers Football Club, complete with dodgy DJ who had obviously pinched his grandad's record collection and tri-colour disco lighting. The scene wouldn't have gone too far amiss from that out of corny Chasers nightclub in the BBC1 hit, The Office - all we were missing was the glitterball. But then Steroid is a bit of an eighty's kid old music loving foot tapping c*nt, so he was right at home. Around 60 of his friends and family were there and that of course included Clubflat. Wolverand, Hero, Mentalist Dad, Face, Special K, Eggergizer, Biff-Edge and Wig were all there to watch the surprise unfold as Steroid walked in thinking he was going to play a game of football. The night continued with everyone getting arseholed which led to Mentalist Dad and Face eyeing up Steroid's, Mum while Hero was kept well away from her under Steriod's beady eye. But, he'd already hero'd her in the past anyway! Eggergizer's special skills were also put to work; the engineers code to the MegaTouch game machine was soon cracked and the adverts on there replaced with one's a little more entertaining - promoting Steroid's Birthday! Clubflat, you know where it's at!


A surprised Steroid with one of the invite's

Steroid's invite - click to enlarge

Wolverand admires Eggergizer's hacking skills, the only advert you need on your MegaTouch Maxx

He's a laughing 80's c*nt

Mentalist Dad's mission for punani was never-ending

DJ's slamming tunes just couldn't shift this lot onto the floor

Clubflat approved of Budweiser

Special K tries to remotely switch of the DJ's decks

The DJ's tunes called for a "Biff-Shake-Of-The-Head"

Wig holds his breath as Wolverand lets one rip

Eggergizer electrocutes the DJ with an invisible lightning bolt

"My missus is no-where to be soon, fool"

Eggergizer had been on the onions that night

"I shall call him... Mini-Steroid"


Wolverand was celebrating a victory - growing

his hair longer than the missus'