MEMPHIS (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2002)


Real Name: Mike L


Position: Clubflat Promotions Director



Rule number one - never, ever, ever lend Memphis your camera. Rule number two - if you do, make sure you get someone else to pick up the film from the developers. Memphis earned his nickname after a session of the alcoholic variety when a camera somehow found its way into his hand, and then down his kegs. The resultant distorted picture was of a bell-end that looked far bigger than the rest of his toolkit which led to someone shouting "Look at the memphis on that!", taken from the film "Memphis Belle". Since then many of the now infamous "Memphis Sessions" have taken place whereby Memphis' bell has found its way into numerous camera films. Shy he isn't. Memphis recently saw a girl in a pub who he'd been speaking to on New Years Eve. It was no surprise when she suddenly shouted across the pub "I've got a photo of your nob!". DO NOT leave your camera unguarded for a minute! Along with his penile skills, Memphis is also number one in the Clubflat Team for finding the most extraordinary places to plant Clubflat cards. His amazing card planting skills have the Clubflat Team reeling in stitches and forever trying to better them. Just check out the Marstons Brewery trip which led to possibly the best and funniest planting of Clubflat cards ever done in one single night. This was Memphis' initiation night into the Clubflat Team and he passed with flying colours. Many of the fantastic places that cards were planted in were Memphis' own doing or were spurred on by his great achievements. Just check out his profile pic's, he's never without a Clubflat card. This sums up the kind of night out you'll have with Memphis around. Boring it won't be, hilarious it will be.


Memphis Says: "You gotta see where I've planted this one. No its not in my Bell silly, it's up there".


Claim to Fame: "I've met Natasha out of Atomic Kitten and she found my Memphis very amusing. She left with a Clubflat card planted in her ear".


Other Aliases:

Tug - While on holiday in Zante, Memphis went on a nudity mission, in which the others quickly followed - this man has no shame. Nickname founded in 2006, we'll leave the guesswork to you!

Fizzgog - A name that stuck after Memphis used it for an alias during a multiplayer session of Timesplitters. Nickname founded in 2000.