BODGE-IT (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2008)


Real Name: Chris E


Position: Clubflat Maintenance Manager



One of the Clubflat originals, Bodge-It spent many a night 'back in the day' partying with Hero and Rhythm, ending up afterwards at the place known back then as just 'The Flat'. In those days, Bodge-It, Rhythm and Hero used to work together as electrical maintenance engineers and it was here that Bodge-It's true skills were discovered. There is no job too big or too small for Bodge-It and to date he has never come across a job too difficult for him to fulfill. Yup, he's quite a handyman. Every installation he has ever done has always worked, and in style too as he uses his ingenious creativity to tackle a problem where most people would give up. Some would call it bodging, but Bodge-It calls it 'works of art'. "It works dow it?" he would say in justification afterwards. One of Bodge-It's masterpieces was a 6ft fluorescent strip-light that had to be fitted in a spray paint booth only 4ft wide. With no smaller strip-lights in stock and a production line that needed to keep going, Bodge-It employed some of that talent of his and fitted it diagonally on the back panel in the spray booth. It looked odd, but as with all Bodge-It's bodges, it worked and did the job! Everyone was happy. Genius! Bodge-It has also been a keen gym-goer over the years. As his gym time got supplemented for an ever busy life, Bodge-It improvised, like only he could. Whilst stripping out and unwiring factory machines, he along with Rhythm created their own gym in an unused office. They welded together a few bits of metal to create a weight bench and bar, and regularly locked themselves away to pump some iron at work whilst the gaffer wasn't looking! True ingenuity of his skills. Bodge-It also enjoys a good beer and curry. So much in fact that he has another nickname of 'The Mitchell Brothers' whenever he is teamed up with Rhythm. For apart from both their uncanny resemblances to the Mitchell Brothers, the two regularly go out for a beer, and so like the real Mitchell Brothers, spend much of their time in the pub. Here Bodge-It, who can sink quite a few, enjoys training vodka drinker Rhythm to become a beer monster. But Bodge-It's drinking ability was put to the test when one day he boasted to Hero about his drinking prowess. Hero got him so wasted he woke up and spewed everywhere - but the toilet. Ok there was vodka involved too but a drinks a drink! He was too drunk to even properly clean up and so just did the only thing he could... Bodge-It & Scarper! If you have a DIY job you're finding tricky, if you are simply stuck for idea's, or you want to be trained into a beer monster, then look no further for your solution. It's right here, it's Clubflat's Bodge-It!


Bodge-It Says: "Where there's a will, there's a bodge".


Claim to Fame: "I serviced Dodi and Diana's car before the accident".


Other Aliases:

The Mitchell Brothers - When Bodge-It is paired up with Rhythm, with both having shaved heads and with one slightly taller than the other, they are The Mitchell Brothers, from Eastenders. Nickname founded in Newquay 2008.

Sick Chris - A name given to Bodge-It following a late night vodka session with Hero when he was sick all over Hero's cream lounge carpet, all over his kitchen table, all in the kitchen sink and all over the kitchen floor, at Clubflat itself no less. The sick literally couldn't be in any more places. It was like The Exorcist. Nickname founded in 2007.

Mr Vain - Many moons ago when Bodge-It was a gym addict and pretty muscular, he used to walk into the maintenance workshop, take off his top and kiss the guns at the end of each day as he got changed out of his overalls. Nickname founded in 1994.