BIFF-EDGE (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2003)


Real Name: Alex B


Position: Clubflat Bar-Crawl Manager



Biff-Edge is very much in love. Not with Holly Valance and Kylie Minogue like most of us, but with something a lot more special, something that will always have a place in his heart, even if no affection is ever returned. Yes Biff is in love with Bar Edge at the Waterfront in Merry Hill. This love escapade with Bar Edge wine bar has developed over several years and has engulfed so many of Biff's Friday nights that his original nickname of 'Biff' has evolved into Biff-Edge. Out of the many bars up the Waterfront, the Clubflat Friday night always starts with Bar Edge, only moving on to the next bar when it closes at 12pm. Biff will have it no other way and the subtle comments he makes if you want to go somewhere else slowly play at the subconscious part of your mind so that eventually you are brainwashed into never revolting again. Mind you, it does help that he knows the bouncer on the door pretty well so we usually avoid queuing to get in, not to mention the free Christmas Eve tickets he always manages to get us. So well does Biff-Edge know this bar that he can guess the next tune the DJ will play with great accuracy, and whenever the Clubflat Team have actually managed to coax him into going somewhere else, he is always on alert for the official Bar Edge tune "Sweet Thang" by "Jones Town", which he can detect is going to be played by hearing simply a fraction of a drumbeat being mixed in. Biff-Edge is also known within the Clubflat Team for his infamous "Biff-Shake-Of-The-Head-Approval". When one of the Clubflat Team either says or does something hilarious but at the same time slightly embarrassing (like when Eggergizer is spotted getting a "bit of elbow off a Julie" in Bar Edge), Biff-Edge responds by putting his hand to his brow, lowering his head and shaking it in disbelief from left to right with a great big grin on his face that says "I wish I wasn't associated with you right now but I cant deny how funny that is, I approve".


Biff-Edge Says: "Bar Edge tonight lads?".


Claim to Fame: "They named a bar up the Waterfront after me in honour of my exemplary attendance record".


Other Aliases:

Studly - Given after Biff claimed to have broken many womens hearts, yet he was rarely seen chatting up a bird. Nickname founded in 2002 (at Bar Edge in the Waterfront funnily enough).

Biff - A derivitive of his surname. Nickname founded at birth.