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The time had come. The 4 Clubflat surf bum wannabe's had waited 3 months to get to Portugal in search of that perfect wave. The drinking had stopped from the night before and it was time to put that rental car to best use - thrashing around Peniche searching high and low for some decent waves to surf. Each morning, the gang were abruptly woken by Triple P's alarm which was set as System Of A Downs "Chic N Stu". If this hard core song doesn't get you out of bed, then you are most likely dead.

However, for the first 3 to 4 days, it seemed like we were wasting our time getting up so early. The waves were simply too big. We travelled all around Peniche and surrounding areas, discovering new breaks, but still the swell was daunting and way beyond our skills. Although we went in every day, it was only for some white water surfing (which was still as powerful as hell!). It was only after about 4 days that the Atlantic swell had calmed down and some manageable 4ft to 6ft clean sets came through for us, topped with a gentle offshore breeze. The quest for waves was an excellent experience, we got to see mother nature get very angry!


Wakey Wakey Triple P - Its 7.30am!

Cereal out of a cup sure boosts your energy


The General never missed breakfast,

charging that body ready for the surf

Laze was charging his body too, in his usual fashion

Laze is actually about 100ft up here

Western Point of Peniche. Rock pokes head up to get in pic

Approximate size of this wave was 25-30ft - Just Stupid!

As much as we'd have loved to - there was no way any

 of us were getting into this perfect offshore 20ft reef

Set after set rolled in - our search for smaller

waves was not going well at this point

But the views were amazing, we could have

watched all day. Well, until Laze farted

The General is itching by now. Not to get in

the sea, just down below

It was only a matter of seconds before Triple P had to go

Laze makes a run for the sea - Yeah as if

Further down from 'Super Tubos' the swell was as big as ever

Portuguese sign Clubflatted. Warning ignored

This sign only prompted us to run off the cliff like

the happy couple in the picture were doing

Triple P's erection got out of control at the

sight of the mammoth waves

Scenic bridge is left a reminder from its visitors

The General knew this was a sign of things to come