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As every surfer will tell you, they don't want to be faffing around with video or water cameras filming you when there are good waves to be had by themselves. But we had taken a water camera and thought it only fair on ourselves to take some pictures of the adventure at some point. The quality is not great but its better than no pictures and memories at all. They speak for themselves, and most of the surfing and pictures are from the beach breaks around the Baleal area.


Triple P trying desperately to get barrelled here

The General shows off a new lateral manoeuvre

Off into the distance, Triple P showing his experience

The General going for a lovely right hander, ready to pop up

Laze actually awake and surfing on an invisible board

Triple P caught the 'Wave of Eternity' - this time a gorgeous left

Coming to a close and in fear of hitting The General taking the pic

Unknown longboard surfer was catching waves from way out back

In his shortie in December, Triple P makes the most of this session

Quick Buck up and about to embark on his own 'Wave of Eternity'

Perfect wave - If only Quick Buck could get under that small curl


The following story really could have ended in tears. Monday morning, the swell was pumping and after surveying the size of the waves, we thought we could make it out to the line up. All 4 of us got in and paddled intensely through some large waves ready to begin catching them back in. Within 2 minutes of reaching what we thought was 'the back', The General spotted what looked like death rolling towards us. It was to our sheer horror that we then realised the large waves we had paddled out through were actually just a lull in the sets and the REAL waves were about to come! And then suddenly they were here, almost tsunami like. With imminent disaster looming, Triple P paddled furiously towards the gargantuan waves to try get over the first of the set before they broke. The General took the other direction, putting his cast iron arms into action and paddling frantically back towards the beach. Unfortunately Quick Buck and Laze were still wondering which direction was the safest when a terrifying 15ft plus wave came crashing over their heads. Quick Buck was pushed straight to the ocean floor with the force still holding him under as yet another wave violently smashed down on top of the last one. This was like the film Point Break baby. Upon surfacing, he spotted Laze's board 'Tombstoning', which is where the surfer is under the water causing the board to stand on end like a tombstone. Not a good sign. Fortunately within seconds Laze came back up, gasping for much needed air. It was at this point we knew we had two options. Get out of there or die. But as another huge wave was just seconds away from battering us, Quick Buck spots Laze's leash tangled around his own. NOOOOOOO! No time to worry about that now, survival was all we cared about. Both took a brief gasp of air as the aqua onslaught continued and pushed them under some more. After what seemed like an eternity, Triple P, The General and Quick Buck were finally beached and lying there stunned at what had just happened, wondering how on earth they were still alive. But where was Laze? He was still in there, battling to get to shore on what was now a BROKEN board! Luckily it wasn't long before he joined the others on the beach. We had learned our lesson for that day, luckily with no fatalities and just a broken hire board. But this was only Day 1!


So happy and carefree. Laze loves this surfing image

Suddenly... its here. OH MY F**KING GOD look at that wave

The aftermath. I'm sure it wasn't like this when I paddled in?

How is Laze going to get his ID and deposit back now!

No roof rack needed, it was now a new foldaway board

Triple P keels over with laughter at the sight of Laze's board!

Laze couldn't understand why he couldn't get the deposit

back, in fact they tried to get another 200 out of him!

There was only one place left for the board.

Clubflatted with a card of course for good measure

Glad to be alive but sad to be leaving Portugal.

Laze prepares for the sleep home

A good test of The Generals strength this holiday.

Still time to plant a card on the bus too!