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Why is it, that even though you know you have to be up at 5am the following day to go on holiday, it seems necessary to go out and get absolutely wasted? It was Friday 24th November and Quick Buck and Triple P were being chauffeured by The General to Northampton to meet Laze. The excitement of the upcoming adventure was too much. Conversations about quadruple vodka red bulls had sparked something within us all to make us want to start the holiday that night. And that's exactly what happened. Shortly after arriving in Northampton, a trip to a pub conveniently called 'The Cock' ensued, followed by a game of poker there, and way too much alcohol considering we had to be up at 5am. Still, its how Clubflat like to do things. The journey had begun!


Starting the hol early, Triple P, The General and

Quick Buck were to drink the night away

The General, used to extreme conditions was

quite awake after only 3 hours kip

Lazy as Laze is, he admirably still promoted

Clubflat to random passers by

Struggling to stay awake, Triple P was starting to

feel the effects of 'starting the holiday early'

The sight of The General recharging is a rarity to be cherished

The height of comfortable positions to sleep in

Woman behind complained about the

smell of the airport tramp

Security ask a nervous Laze if he's seen the

tramp in the picture anywhere

Quick Buck longs for a body like The Generals


Upon arrival, Laze was not only angry at being

woken up but Triple P had let off a right corker too

Mystery door in apartment couldn't be unlocked - Picture perfect!