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So we had all made it. The rental car had been picked up and we'd driven 50 miles north of Lisbon to a small Peninsula called Peniche. After a hard day searching for surfable waves, the Clubflat boys had to have a drink to relax. However, Peniche is a small fishing community, with apparently a university near by and although there were a few bars dotted about, we knew from the moment we got there that this was not going to be a Magaluf style holiday. None of the locals spoke English to any audibly acceptable level and so disabled style sign language was the only way to order the quadruple vodka's. Fit chicks were also in very short supply and knowing that we had to get up around 8am the next day didn't help matters either. At the start of the holiday, every surf spot we looked at had huge waves of suicidal proportions. An extra effort to get up earlier was needed to try find that "calmer" spot where our passions could be fulfilled.


A meal with Laze - bring your sleeping bag

Triple P is protective of his food

The General still finds time to plant a card in the Chinese

Waiter is evil Non look-alike from Superman II

Vodka rash is starting to take over Quick Buck

The General's quiff was groomed for the ladies

Triple P shows his Clubflat badge to the fans

We were shocked Laze had the energy to smile and hold a card

Someone had spiked the vodkas with "gay juice"...

..But how can Quick Buck resist the charm of this man?

You'll see this look a lot if you drink with

Triple P - Its wee wee time... again

Urinal had to be reserved for Clubflat's Triple P


The General orders Laze to make a quicker ascent

Actually nothing funny here. Except Laze

Spot the well placed card, later picked up by kids!

Only arse seen in Portugal - talent was lacking

'Rabbit in headlight' shot of The General as he

realises he's missing a weeks training

The General is DAMN tough. Don't mess


If these 2 were orange, they'd look like pumpkins

Card lies in pool of what we hope is yellow rain water

Laze doubles the value of the Nova by attaching a card

The Generals fruit burst had been attacked by Quick Buck & Laze

Now that's what you call a Clubflat card planting

Promoting Clubflat was tough in a town so dead

This drunken loon was dancing all over the place so

The General handed him a card to calm him down

He's managed to pull, even if it is only a picture.

You don't wanna see what else he is pulling though