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For those who want to know more about Peniche and its surf breaks, here is a little guide to what's on offer.

Peniche is a small fishing community approximately 50 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal. Due to it being a peninsula, it has the perfect geographical features to provide surf any time of the tide, day, year or wind direction. This was the main reason why it was chosen by the Clubflat crew as their ideal surf destination. Below is a map of the breaks around Peniche. We mainly surfed Meio Da Baia and Baleal.


'Super Tubos' is undoubtedly the best break around Peniche to score a barrel. Not only is it a beach break, its extremely fast when working and is definitely for the daring or suicidal. Perfect waves to be had here though but you are going to need strength to get out back. It looks fierce when its pumping and although we never got to surf there due to onshore winds causing Baleal to work, one day we will go back and make sure we do.

'Molhe Leste', which we found an extremely amusing name, is just up from Super Tubos by the lighthouse. This is an awesome powerful right hander beach break and we found that a lot of locals hung out here catching wave after wave as they queued respectfully for each other. The swell gets protected from winds by a sea harbour wall.

'Meio Da Baia' is a huge beach break which we found ourselves surfing most of the time. Strong currents operate in the shallower waters. We found ourselves drifting terribly at only waist depth! But once out the back, its fine and works best on the push to high tide. When winds are onshore at Super Tubos, this place works lovely with an offshore wind.

'Baleal' is further east and is a beach break. We scored some great sessions here. Swell is protected from the wind by the small northerly facing rock close by. We did feel a small rip trying to take us out to sea, but as long as you are aware of it, and keep your position, you'll be fine. A wave suitable for all here.

'Lagide' is a reef break which we did not surf. When hunting for waves we always checked this area though as some ridiculously perfect sets could be seen coming in. We did see some people in there during a day where the waves were 12ft to 15ft and it was great to see these guys in action surfing what one day we hope to surf ourselves.