Gatecrasher 2003

Gatecrasher returns to the NEC on Saturday 29th November 2003 with 3 massive arena's, Crasher, Bugged Out! and Frantic. Die-hard clubbers Eggergizer and Hero will definitely be there to see the night through right until 6am, along with anybody else who wants to come along. Representing Clubflat in the form of P&P (Pie & Punani) for this event is babe Lucy, a dedicated clubber with a skimpy wardrobe. Face has bowed out this year and Steroid's currently doubtful - and receiving lots of flak because of it. Christ, it only 36.50! Also possibly up for the crack is Fordi, who lives in Sheffield in the hometown of Gatecrasher, where he is a regular. C'mon Fordi, you know you wanna!



Gatecrasher 2002

This is where Eggergizer first got his name in April 2002 by dancing the night away non-stop till 6am, just like the Energizer bunny. Hero just about kept up with him but suffered severe crampage in his legs whilst doing so. He carried on none-the-less, after all, he is The Hero! Face turned up for this one as well, and so did Mentalist Dad, although he was working the floors in a different way to the others with his security head on. You can just about see him at the left of the pic in the background in white (turn your contrast up!).

Face, Hero & Eggergizer at Gatecrasher @ NEC 2002

The crowd were ecstatic that the Clubflat Team had turned up