Faliraki Clubflat Card Flyer's

Wherever we go, Clubflat make their presence known. The Faliraki Clubflat Card flyer's were distributed highly from top to bottom of Rhodes island. They were given to anyone and everyone. They were left in phone boxes, in supermarkets, in restaurants, at hotels, and even in Faliraki Airport itself. After 2 weeks, Clubflat was infamous among the Rhodes island residents. Clubflat, the place where its at.


The Faliraki Clubflat Card flyer's

Laura models the Clubflat Banner

with an Indian theme

Scouser Chris and Eggergizer are shocked

as they find a Clubflat card in The Pleasure

Rooms Club air-conditioning unit

Steroid likes to wear a

Clubflat card in his hat


Steroid explains all about

Clubflat to a minger.

When will he learn?

Clubflat cards in restaurant menu's

Clubflat cards left in beach umbrella's...

...And in phone boxes...

...And in beach showers

Clubflat takes to the sea

We leave no stone unturned!