Clubflat Binmen - "He's a 1950's Binman"

It all started when Steroid came out dressed for the night in blue jeans and a white vest. He looked like someone but we couldn't quite put our finger on it. Then DJ Fukup saw him and exclaimed "Christ almighty, its the binman". Next Liam the Scouser shouts out "He's a 1950's Binman". From then on, anyone who wore their vests on a night out were the binmen for the night and had to take out the trash whilst on route to going clubbing. Better still, we even got some great shots with the real Faliraki Binmen who were only too grateful for the Clubflat Binmen's help with their mucky jobs!


"He's a 1950's binman!"

Steroid takes out the trash

A binman's work is never done

Its a hard life being a Hero

The Clubflat bin truck


Spirros the binman and Clubflat


The 3 Faliraki binmen want a bin truck like ours


Only Egg and Steroid are qualified

to operate the bin truck


Bags are loaded, lets go driver!



"We're all 1950's Binmen!"