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Ok we know it sounds cheesy, but getting the open top bus tour is actually one hell of a laugh, especially when you stop at the Guinness Factory along the way. Add to this a group of wayward fools armed with Clubflat cards and you're sure for a good time. Just ask the tourists on the bus, many of whom walked away with Clubflat cards attached to them in some shape or form! Best of all you get to learn all the best places to go on the piss at later on! Open top bus tours, we love em!

Picís containing Clubflat cards on this page: 7


Everyone was excited to be on the school outing

Clubflat cards, the only bus ticket you need

The women were kept in the tallest turret

Where the Irish pray for Guinness

Can you see the card on top of the monument?

Wonder if they sell Guinness here?

The Guinness Factory, or part of it

Where the lepricorn's live

Why on earth is a road arrow pointing to turn into the river?

Trust the Irish...

Great Scott! The building from Back To The Future! Where's the Doc?

The most daring Clubflat card plant of the holiday

You deserve a card for wearing a hat like that

Steroid marvels at the webs left behind by Spiderman

Absolutely no idea what this is but then we weren't there to learn

Biff-Edge wonders how he can go have some fun without the missus knowing

David Blaine was trying the same boring stunt in Ireland

Katy was having real fun on the bus tour

Clubflat, on the road to no-where

Bugs Bunny's mates tarred him for his birthday

Steroid constantly required a drink to keep up the water retention

U2 and Bono's The Clarence Hotel

Everyone falls for the "There's a monster behind you" gag

The tidal Liffey River, with the tide in obviously

Bleeding boat was still chasing us

And she gets of the bus with the Clubflat card still in place... Job done