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Stop 14 on the open top bus - The Guinness Factory! This brought back memories of the trip to Martson's Brewery back in 2002 and boy did we Clubflat that place. Well the Guinness Factory is infinitely bigger than Marston's, a whopping 64 acres and because of this, you actually tour round a specially built tourist section which is 6 or 7 levels high. Being such a large place we were going to need an extra effort with the Clubflat cards. Hero soon got things underway at the ticket desk and it didn't take long for Eggergizer, Steroid and Biff-Edge to follow with some classic plantings in the hops, water and machinery. Planting of the day was a superb effort by Hero to float a card down from high up on the 6th floor onto the top of a metal support girder with the card landing face-up, YEAH! About half of the Clubflat cards for the whole Dublin trip got deposited at the Guinness factory, they will be finding them for years to come! Last stop of the tour was the Gravity Bar which is a bar surrounded entirely by glass on the very top level looking out on the mammoth Guinness factory. This is the best bit of the tour, mainly cos you get your free pint of Guinness here, but also because the atmosphere up here is just electric. The Irish sure know how to finish a tour off. Several pints of Guinness later, everyone's leathered and singing along to some Irish folk songs or singing Happy Birthday to someone or other. It must be the combination of the height you're at when you're drinking the Guinness cos it sure does the business! The bar staff were great, especially Madam Red (as we'll call her), who regularly took the mic and got the place going. The Guinness Factory, a great place, with great staff and with great, err, Guinness. And here's a tip, if you want more free Guinness while you're up there, just say it's your Birthday! The Irish, any excuse for a drink!

Picís containing Clubflat cards on this page: 33!!!


Where all the Clubflat cards are made

Smile, you've been Cluflatted!

If you ever find a Clubflat card in your Guinness, you now know why

The waterfall of love

Eggergizer drains out 5 pints of Guinness in the urinal from above

Like Jesus, Clubflat could walk on water

Biff-Edge's cheesy "planted card" grin


Guinness factory had loads of interesting

history about how Clubflat cards were made

Clubflat, safe innit


Now this looks good...

And it is good! Splumph!

So this is where Thomas the tank engine lives

Clubflat pointed the way

Clubflat, keeping the industrial cogs turning

Biff-Edge put on his best joggers to run about the place planting cards

Hero was a barrel of laughs

Clubflat brought their own models with them

No way was Steroid climbing the stairs

Moments later Stef reversed the train into a parked car

Hero gets a telling off for taking pictures of fit birds in white outfits

The classic bar shot

Who put this nuclear power plant here?

Steroid discreetly tucks one away

Somewhere down there is a Clubflat card

Clubflat had their very own sandwich boards too!

Hard as she tried, Katy just couldn't tune in to Coronation Street

Guess which one we hid Steroid in?

Floor 1, the Clubflat Factory

Like Willy Wonka's factory but full of Guinness

Clubflat had it's very own spot saved on the Wall Of Fame

Something to help your aiming skills

The trickiest plant of the day - on the girder

What a job pouring this all day

The Gravity Bar, where Guinness is the only food

It's all in the grip girls...

Where the magic happens

Strange alien beings wandered around the Guinness plant in groups

Trust the Irish to build a light house no-where near the sea

Steroid's dirty thoughts were almost obvious

A Guinness cocktail

The Birthday Pint

Laura easily out-drunk Biff-Edge

Shamefully, Lucy did the same to Hero

"I can see the pub from here"

They put the tray away with the Clubflat card still in it. Quality

Madam Red's Irish folk music career gets a huge boost

6 pints of Guinness later...


Steroid was so dedicated to Clubflat he

had a card sowed to his nob

Clubflat woz ere, 2006

It wouldn't have been right without a card!